JHB Online AI Aircraft

JHB Repaints for AI Aircraft on VATSIM

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AI repaints require some explanation. These are not repaints for aircraft you fly - such repaints are already available in the JHB Fleet page above.

When you fly online other pilots will not see you flying the aircraft you have selected in FS. This doesn't happen because your aircraft data isn't sent out - it would be far to heavy a load on the servers to send full aircraft information.

Other pilots will only see a basic AI model that matches the aircraft you have selected for your Flight Plan. If you have picked a C172 then other pilots will see this - not the aircraft you are actually flying. VATSIM have limited aircraft libraries but it is possible to apply our airline colours to these models.

AI repaints are installed so that other pilots online can more realistically see what you are flying.

JHB AI Aircraft for VATSIM

VATSIM use a CSL (Common Shapes Library) file for their AI aircraft so it is not necessary to design any AI aircraft. Instead a texture set is installed for a VA which is linked to the existing AI aircraft. The advantage of this system is that everyone has the aircraft and so you will always see the correct aircraft type selected by each pilot. If another pilot online does not have the JHB textures he will still see the aircraft you have chosen but in default VATSIM colours.

Phil Reynolds has kindly undertaken the task of creating the VATSIM AI repaints for JHB. Installation is given in the included instructions but be aware that it is a three part process - copying the texture sets to the VIP folder, creating the VIP aircraft.cfg entries and adding the JHB list to the Squawkbox 3 VIP.SMS file.