JHB Pilot Roster

7th October 2019

A "G" suffix on the Pilot's ID denotes that they have circumnavigated the globe
ID# Name Rank Hours
Command ATP Captain (3500+ hrs)
709 CONWELL Isaac Command ATP Captain 9272:47
068G WINSKILL Gerry Command ATP Captain 4204:17
Master ATP Captain (1500+ hrs)
007G WOODSIDE John Master ATP Captain 2554:43
164G RIPLEY Dennis Master ATP Captain 2164:10
007G HILL John Master ATP Captain 2065:23
188G FISHER Franklyn Master ATP Captain 2078:16
207G STOPFORTH Fred Master ATP Captain 1929:36
010G LUCAS Mike Master ATP Captain 1818:27
Senior ATP Captain (750+ hrs)
153G REYNOLDS Paul Senior ATP Captain 1156:41
144G SMITH Tom Senior ATP Captain 886:59
180G MCINTYRE Alastair Senior ATP Captain 875:01
175G TOWNSEND Kevin Senior ATP Captain 850:50
193G BROOK Mike Senior ATP Captain 786:44
218G STACEY John Senior ATP Captain 778:24
156G LAYCOCK Ernie Senior ATP Captain 788:08
ATP Captain (500+ hrs)
211 MCGREEVY Thomas ATP Captain 530:12
116G WILDING Colin ATP Captain 523:42
037G REYNOLDS Phil ATP Captain 511:59
130G DODDS Peter Senior Commercial Captain 512:40
167 TURLEY Frank ATP Captain 503:08
Senior Commercial Captain (300+ hrs)
Commercial Captain (150+ hrs)
242 HILL John Commercial Captain 190:39
Senior Flight Captain (80+ hrs)
Senior Captain (40+ hrs)
Flight Captain (20+ hrs)
Captain (10+ hrs)
234 MCCAULEY Steven Captain 14.07
First Officer
* Red denotes hours upgraded since 20th August
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130G Peter Dodds ATP Captain  
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