JHB Airlines Privacy Policy

Revision 1

25 January 2023

Pilot login


To operate as a Virtual Airline, JHB Airlines must store and process personal information regarding its member pilots. This page describes what information is stored and how JHB Airlines handles it.

Note that the information below does not apply to the JHB Airlines Forum, which is provided by a third party.

Data stored about members

JHB Airlines stores the following information regarding members on its server and also on the computers of a limited number of site administrators and developers.

JHB Airlines will not disclose members' personal information (that is, types of information that are not already displayed on the web site to unauthenticated users) to third-parties without members' prior consent, except in the case of a court-issued warrant or subpoena. (Note, however, that the host of JHB Airlines web server may not be covered by this restriction.)

Data you provide for registration

JHB Airlines virtual airline stores the following information which members provide for registration. Members are allocated a JHB ID number when they join, which will be associated with their information held by JHB Airlines.

  • Name.
  • Email address. An email address is required for functions such as password reset. In some exceptional circumstances, we may contact you by email for operational reasons (for example, to clarify a PIREP).
  • Optionally, you may provide the identifiers you use for on-line services: VATSIM ID and/or IVAO ID. Although PIREP filing is generally taken on trust, JHB Airlines management might use the information to verify members' PIREP information in rare cases.

Password information

Certain functions on the JHB Airlines website require that members authenticate by "logging in" using a password. Members are strongly urged not to re-use passwords across different websites, but JHB Airlines takes steps to safeguard password information, so that members' passwords will not be revealed even if a "data breach" should occur.

  • Passwords are stored in a scrambled form, not as plain text. The original unscrambled password cannot be retrieved, even by the administrators.
    TechnicalA random string called a "salt" is appended to the user-entered password, and a cryptographic hash value of the combination is computed and stored. A different random salt is used for each member, so even if two members should happen to use the same password, the stored password hashes will not match.

  • Passwords are never transmitted over the Internet as plain text, but always in a scrambled form. A different scrambling is used each time, so an intercepted password cannot be re-used.
    TechnicalEach time the member enters the password, the hash of the password and its salt is computed, and then a unique random "nonce" value is appended, and the hash of the hash+nonce is transmitted.

Since the original password set by the member is irretrievable, members who forget their passwords must set a new one using a password reset function.

Use of data you provide when you interact with the JHB Airlines website

  • Flight information. Information you enter into the PIREP form when submit a PIREP is stored in our PIREP database. Only minimal information is visible to non-authenticated users on the Roster (your JHB ID number, full name, rank and total hours), and on the Recent Flights list of the web site front page (your JHB ID number, date flown, aircraft type, departure and arrival airports, and time).
  • Your computer's IP address. This is used by the JHB Airlines login system to ensure that requests for access from authenticated users are made from the same computer. It is only stored locally on JHB Airline's server, and is discarded after each login session expires. (It may also be recorded in our web server's access logs, along with the time of each web access request and browser information.)

Use of Cookies

The JHB Airlines website requires a "cookie" to be set when a member logs in. The cookie is a "first-party" cookie and will not be accessible to other web sites which the member may visit. The cookie is deleted if the member logs out, if a logged-in member doesn't access the website again after with certain period of time, and when the members's web browser is closed.

The JHB Airlines website does not set or use any other cookies.

Use of Third-Party Resources

The JHB Airlines website hosts all resources used by the website, including client scripts, server scripts, images, map tiles and aircraft downloads, on its server. No third-party servers are used, except to provide the forum service.

Requests for data and deletion

Requesting a copy of your data

You may request a copy of all data that JHB Airlines holds on you (with the exception of web server logs, which are not administered by or accessible to by JHB Airlines), by sending an email to the administrator at admin-at-jhbairlines.org.uk. (Replace the -at- with an @ symbol.) Kindly understand that while we will make reasonable efforts to comply with the request in a timely manner, personal restrictions such as absence due to travel may mean that at worst case, this could take a few days.

Request for data deletion on resignation

Unlike other virtual airlines, since there is no requirement to keep logging a minimum number of flights within a certain period of time, membership of JHB Airlines does not lapse; members must resign explicitly if they wish to do so. If you wish to resign (so sad to see you go!), you may request deletion of information held on you by JHB Airlines virtual airlines. We will do endeavour to so within a reasonable amount of time (within a few days). Web server logs will be deleted automatically when logs "roll over" and so make take a longer period of time to clear.

Deletion of data on deceased members

We retain some deceased members, who were personal friends to some of us, on the roster in memoriam. The relatives and estate of such members may also request that their information be deleted.