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Some Recent Flights
Date Captain Flight No.
From To Time Dist.
2024-05-31 JHB123G N992W PA31 MMLP La Paz, Mexico MMCL Culiacan, Mexico 01:12 163
2024-06-01 JHB123G JHB289W DH8D EHAM Amsterdam, Netherlands EGNJ Humberside, United Kingdom 00:59 200
2024-06-01 JHB709G JHB709 C310 MMCL Culiacan, Mexico MMEP Tepic, Mexico 01:36 248
2024-06-02 JHB123G N992W PA31 MMCL Culiacan, Mexico MMEP Tepic, Mexico 01:54 248
2024-06-03 JHB709G JHB709 C310 MMEP Tepic, Mexico MMDO Durango, Mexico 01:08 164
2024-06-07 JHB123G JHB123 B742 EGLL London, United Kingdom EBBR Brussels, Belgium 00:50 189
2024-06-07 JHB123G N992W PA31 MMEP Tepic, Mexico MMDO Durango, Mexico 01:21 164
2024-06-08 JHB123G JHB248C B742 RPLL Manila, Philippines RCKH Kaohsiung, Taiwan 01:41 486
2024-06-08 JHB123G JHB972W B752 RCKH Kaohsiung, Taiwan RKSS Seoul, South Korea 02:42 959
2024-06-09 JHB123G JHB217B A319 EGNJ Humberside, United Kingdom EGKK London, United Kingdom 01:07 146

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Who Are We?

JHB is a virtual airline for flight simulator pilots who wish to fly in a relaxed environment. Started in Johannesburg in 1995, the airline relocated to the UK in 2001 to bases at Ronaldsway, Isle of Man and Liverpool, although we frequently fly much further afield.

While we provide a limited flight pack of schedules and tours, there is no requirement to fly fixed schedules or tasks. Pilots may even choose to operate flights using other real-world airline's flight numbers. Flights may be conducted using any flight simulator (Microsoft Flight Simulator family, Laminar Research X-Plane, or FlightGear), and flown either offline or online using the online server and ATC systems VATSIM or IVAO. Flights are logged by filling in a simple on-line form; there is no need to install any logger software.

Any aircraft may be flown, although preferably one from the comprehensive fleet which we maintain at our bases. The fleet is mostly FSX liveries and models, but a small number of aircraft for X-Plane 11 and for Prepar3D have been added recently.

Join JHB Airlines

JHB Airlines has a members' forum for discussion about anything regarding flight simulation. You can register on the forum and request a crew number. Once this is allocated, you can fly under the JHB flag and record your flights in our PIREP system. The only restriction is that new members must file a valid PIREP within one month of joining. Any questions you have will be answered on the forum.